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Web Celebrity AGUSTIN FERNANDEZ gains visibility by mixing techniques and teaching tips in makeup tutorials.

Famous on the web with make-up tutorials, the Celebrity Make up artist Agustin Fernandez has been emerging in social media. Currently, more than 3 million people enjoy their Facebook page and 2.6 million followers on Instagram. The success of the Artist on the internet came from the great repercussion that his videos teaching self make-up. In its Youtube channel, more than 70 videos were viewed by 180 thousand people, while the videos posted on Facebook have a reach of 6 million views. Agustin is the first man in Brazil who has turned into a Famous digital makeup influencer.

The public's sympathy comes not only from the mix of masculine and feminine visual, but also from irreverent videos that it produces. In their nets, step by step from "make Kim Kardashian" to skin preparation tutorials, eyes, and lipsticks. Another success of Agustin was the development of Adhesive Eyeliner. He knew about the female difficulty in hitting the famous "Cat Eyeliner " and sow the opportunity to launch a product signed by him. Practical, the Eyeliner Sticker by Agustin Fernandez is a worldwide sales success.

For this year, the young Makeup Artist has a busy schedule. In addition to working in several Brazilian cities, he usually hosts events in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, and participation in the biggest International Beauty Fairs. With love for the profession, acceptance, and insurance of what he wants, the Uruguayan who lives in São Paulo/ Brazil is already a symbol of freedom and example for many people.

And it's like that, with a lot of make-up, heels, long hair that Agustin Fernandez teaches her self-make courses in Brazil: "I do not like to go unnoticed, make my hair, my makeup, choose my looks and thus gain credibility in Profissional area". Living alone in Brazil - left the family in Punta Del Este in Uruguay with the goal of working as a hair design and makeup - today he works from Monday to Monday on average 14 hours a day.