Kit 3 - Adhesive Eyeliner All Colors / 4 packs - 24 pairs

Kit 3 - Adhesive Eyeliner All Colors / 4 packs - 24 pairs

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The Adhesive Eyeliners have been designed respecting the eye's anatomy providing comfort, sensuality with great grip and durability. They are beautiful, modern and very practical.
How to use:  Apply on clean and dry skin, preferably before or after makeup. Starting from as a base with the outer corner of the eye, close one eye and apply the adhesive on the eyelids near the eyelashes by pressing gently to ensure good fixing.

Tip: Use glue for false eyelashes at the edges of the product if it loses adhesion due to successive attempts of application, use the outside corner as a reference and then apply the remaining particles, if by any chance it will be lacking in the inside corner, complete with common eyeliner.

REUSABLE PRODUCT WITH GLUE FOR EYELASHES - Contains 6 pairs in each pack

Kit 3 - All Colors / 4 packs - 24 pairs


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